Zamango Service – earnings on casual games market.

Zamango project is the set of a various content bases (now it is only casual games base), which are brought together from numerous sources, and are constantly moderated and augmented. The access to content bases is carried out by receiving the slightly modified RSS-feed. There is also our Zamango Money Extractor plugin which allows building a full-fledged website with different content based on WordPress engine (certainly, there are detailed instructions how to make it).

Besides the content base we also give you the detailed descriptions of approved partner programmes where you can earn money by using the given content. And we are ready to help and support you!

And all this is absolutely free of charge!

Why might you need it? This is very simple: you can save much time (your and your workers’ time) and money. Just imagine how much work is required to gather various content from the Internet daily. Then add the necessity to watch the content actuality. Have you imagined? And this is not the worst. Actually a lot of content (descriptions, videoshots, different reviews, translations, etc.) in our bases is made directly by us!

While working with our bases you don’t have to delve into the unique content formats of different partner programmes; it is enough to adjust your engine only once (or to use our method based on Zamango Money Extractor WordPress plugin) to work with Zamango XML format and that’s all!

And besides saving the time for content making, you get the direct instructions and help in earning the money from this content. It is very nice, that experienced people share their knowledge and even some secrets with you, and do not take any money for it! :-)

What do we have from it? You may think that we are altruists and want to please you by sharing our work results for free. It is not so! Everything in the world costs money, and the work of experienced people as we are costs much money. Certainly we want to receive them. There are 2 ways to do this:

- (Wrong) to receive it from you, end users of our product (i.e. content bases and our experience); for example, $10 for a monthly subscription :-)

- (Correct) or to receive more money from partner programs; that is what the given content is made for.

Certainly we have chosen the second way and that is why everything is absolutely free for you! There is only one small favor to ask of you: when you register in partner programmes, mentioned on our website, leave our affiliate link. Thank you.

If you still have any questions do not hesitate to ask us. If you don’t have, go ahead and earn easy money!

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Jeff TitamerNovember 15th, 2009 at 4:51 pm

Registration seems to be not working now. I am not getting the activation emails. This message was also sent to the website’s email support.

alexNovember 16th, 2009 at 7:59 am

We found that some Internet Explorer users can’t register at Zamango. We’ll work on this problem, but you may try to register after adding * to “trusted nodes” – it works for me and I suppose it’ll work for others.

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