Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

Here we will try to answer all frequent users’ questions. If you have a question which wasn’t asked here, put it. Please, review the information on this page before you start using Zamango service and Zamango Money Extractor plugin — probably, it will help you to avoid several small, but embarrassing errors and as a result will save a lot of time.

  1. What is Zamango service?

    Zamango is a free service on aggregation of casual game content given by leading publishers (BigFish, Reflexive, Alavar, Nevosoft and others). On the other hand, it is also a free plugin for WordPress. Zamango Money Extractor is made for easy embedding of this content on almost any website based on WordPress 2.5+ engine.

  2. What should I do to have an on-line store for games selling?

    Read the short instruction for Zamango Money Extractor. You won’t have to pay for anything except hosting (server), but the majority of serious hosters give free 1-2 week test period, so it is possible not to pay at once.

  3. Can I modify the post created by Zamango M.E. plugin by myself or by means of outside plugins (sinonymisers, etc.)?

    Yes, you can do it. The only thing necessary to remember is that if someone changes a post except Zamango M.E. plugin, for example, in case of mistakes correction in the description of a game, it will not be automatically corrected on your website.

  4. Why is it impossible to take the same content directly from all listed publishers? Anyway we must be registered in all these programs.

    Certainly, you can do it yourself, but when you use Zamango you get a number of advantages:

    • the most beneficial partner programme is selected for each game among the game sellers
    • all publishers give promotion products in their own format and their revaluation to the standard demands many efforts, which the service incurs,
    • the plugin to simple and popular WordPress engine helps to create properly looking on-line store with rich set of the goods (games) in some hours even if you don’t have HTML, PHP, Perl, JavaScript knowledge – in WordPress everything is constructed from modules and adjusted by mouse,
    • soon we are going to share the additional promotion products, which the publishers don’t have.
  5. What will happen if there are no publisher selling any game, for example?

    In this case after an automatic update (which occurs with an interval specified by you on Zamango M.E. plugin page in WordPress dashboard) the post with this game will be removed without your participation. In case if you’ve changed post contents, the post would not be deleted, but automatically would become invisible for visitors, and it can be found in WordPress dashboard with a label “Draft” (or “Draft copy”).

  6. Why are pictures (screenshots, icons etc.) for games stored on your server?

    The size of complete promo-graphics set now equals 500 Gb, an it will be increasing in future. A part of Zamang users has no server and rents a hosting, the storage of such big-sized data is not always practicable. Besides, the more disk space the data requires and the more data a site distributes the more expensive the service of a hoster is.
    On the other hand, if Zamango user has a possibility to distribute pictures from the server, we only will be glad about it. There are two alternatives:

    • to set up the plugin, which downloads pictures in process of their inquiry, to WordPress, for example, Super Image Plugin;
    • if you have experience in working with any programming language, you may not load all this work on WordPress and do it by outside script – all links to pictures are in XML feed of your channel.
  7. Why are games downloaded from instead of Reflexive or Alavar?

    Actually all games are downloaded directly from a server of the publisher. The reason why links in your blog guide to is simple – the same game can be issued by different publishers with an interval in some days and even weeks and months. And the sales profit from one sale may be different among all publishers. So as soon as more well-heeled publisher begins to sell a game, starts to sell this game through his site without tasking yours. By the way, this is the reason why we ask you to register on all affiliates specified in your control panel.

  8. I have changed the BigFish afcode (or another partner ID). Should I re-syndicate all Zamango posts by Zamango M.E. plugin?

    No, it is not necessary, since your partner ID (afcode, pid, CID etc.) is substituted by the scripts on Zamango server. But you should remember that if buyer has already downloaded a game with old affiliate code and overpass by the purchase link from this game, the commission will go with that old  code.

  9. Whether games from this program will be published on my site or not, if I am not registered in any of affiliate programs and do not fill in a proper field in Zamango panel?

    Yes, all content, which suits options of the chosen channel, will be published on your blog anyway. However, if you have not entered partner ID for any of partner programs, these games would be published with our affiliate ID. That is why it is very important to fill in all accessible programs in due time. We will inform all Zamango users about new affiliate programs 3 days before their inclusion. We advise you to subscribe to our RSS Mailing List.

  10. What does checkbox “Show posts on the admin page” do?

    This checkbox allows displaying of the posts, created by ZME, on the editing page in dashboard if you change posts contents manually. If you remove this checkmark, posts in dashboard won’t be shown. The checkmark is removed on default, because as soon as someone has changed a post, it is considered as the edited by a user to avoid the overwrite of manual editing, and if the post is changed (for example, errors in the description or addition promo-materials are corrected) it will not be changed. And only in the case of removal from Zamango base it will be marked as a draft copy (draft).

  11. Well, I have edited a post manually, and then there was an auto updating. Are there duplicates?

    As soon as the person starts to change something in a post, ZME plugin marks this post as edited at once and does not do anything to it for not to overwrite changes. The posts uniqueness is defined by guid, that is why you can change not only the name and the contents of a post, but also slugs — even in this case there will be no duplicates.

  12. I have my own website where I want to create a separate section with Zamango content. I have specified a parent category in plugin which all posts should get to. How to make them to not showing on the front page?

    Just disable “Show posts on the front page” checkbox. You may also edit the theme file or use one of the plugins, for example, Simply Exclude (if you disable one of the divisions in the plugin, it will disable all subdivisions; it is very convenient). With this plugin you can also disable posts from the RSS feed and from search results on the website. But you have to know that it is impossible to remove any category from the archives, you only can lock the posts displays on the day/month page with the standard WordPress tools.
    Anyway, it will be very helpful to visit the plugin sector of official WordPress website — there are many useful and free plugins.

  13. Is it possible to remove all posts created by ZME plugin?

    Yes, it is possible. Go to plugin page in WordPress dashboard, than to “Bulk delete” tab and there push the button “Remove all”. Pay attention that if you edited some posts manually it is possible to save them, just put a checkmark “Except posts modified by me”.

  14. How can I create a multilingual portal with games in all languages with ZME+WordPress?

    Now it is possible only if you create several websites in WordPress; games will be shown only in one language on each of them. However, you can use the same WordPress files after having created some blogs on one Wordpress engine and with one MySQL base. It is made in this way because we don’t think it is reasonable to mix games in English, Russian, Chinese and many other languages on one site.

  15. I have noticed that in template posts in tag <a href=”" /> attributes class=”thickbox” and rel=”lightbox [zmg:guid]“ are indicated. What is it? And what is it made for?

    It reminds you about the possibility of using ThickBox и SlimBox plugins for fine pictures display.

If you have any question which wasn’t discussed here, ask it.

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Adi F. PaputunganJanuary 4th, 2010 at 8:14 am

Hi there.. Thanks a lot for this great plugin. A suggestion here: Can you please include the link to directly buy the games? Not just the free trial download link. You see, some of our visitors might just had downloaded or play/see the games from his friends. And they just want to directly buy it. Hope you guys can make the happen. Thanks again.


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