Zamango Service – earnings on casual games market.

Zamango project is the set of a various content bases (now it is only casual games base), which are brought together from numerous sources, and are constantly moderated and augmented. The access to content bases is carried out by receiving the slightly modified RSS-feed. There is also our Zamango Money Extractor plugin which allows building a full-fledged website with different content based on WordPress engine (certainly, there are detailed instructions how to make it).

Besides the content base we also give you the detailed descriptions of approved partner programmes where you can earn money by using the given content. And we are ready to help and support you! Read the rest of this entry »

Alawar Affiliate Program and Yandex.Direct

Alawar Affiliate ProgramAlawar Affiliate Program has recently informed all its partners of the good news. Now all partners can promote their web sites via advertising on Yandex.Direct without concluding a treaty with Alawar Entertainment. Alawar managed to conclude an agreement with Yandex.Direct Read the rest of this entry »

Winning New Markets with Alawar’s Affiliate Program

Alawar Affiliate ProgramOnce Alexander Lyskovsky, the head of Alawar Entertainment, said that they were going to win the whole world. Thus, in early 2010 Alawar’s games were available only in English, Russian and Polish, however, by the end of 2010 Alawar offered its games in 19 languages! Alawar Entertainment goes on to open up game markets in different languages. Read the rest of this entry »

New Alawar’s Affiliate Program Opportunities

Alawar Affiliate ProgramAlawar Entertainment respects its partners that’s why always tries to improve and upgrade its affiliate program. It’s high time to review the results of their work and appreciate it. Alawar made a lot to polish its affiliate system but let’s view just the most outstanding innovations. Read the rest of this entry »

BigFishGames: Reporting Issues within Affiliate System

We are hurry to let all partners of affiliate program know that on July 12 Big Fish Games‘ reporting system had a failure.

Those who regularly keep an eye on their Big Fish Games’ accounts might have noted that the statistics for July 12, which show their daily income and the quantity of newbie customers, are much lower than usual. As for July 13, there is no statistics at all. Read the rest of this entry »

Release of Zamango Money Extractor v.1.5

It is strange, but the plugin Zamango Money Extractor is missing in directory. So, we strongly recommend to download and use the actual version of ZME from Zamango blog.

Read the rest of this entry »

Zamango Money Extractor v.1.4 and Wordpress 3.2 updates

The new version of Zamango Money Extractor (ZME) has several important improvements, so we recommend this update to everyone who uses ZME plugin.

Please download and use new plugin!

List of changes:

  1. Fixed: the functioning with Wordpress 3.1.3-3.2 engine, where the processing of GUID was considerably changed that entailed creation of duplicated posts.
    By the way, if you’re using Wordpress v.3.1.* it’s recommended to update it to v.3.2 because v.3.1.* has several bugs relating to slugs and categories; also say that v.3.2 is faster and lighter for the server. But first you should pay attention to the changes of system requirements which are described in all details in the WP developers’ blog

  2. Fixed: the problem with the zamango-teg “[zmg:post_permalink]“, which was incorrectly functioning with some WP versions.
  3. Fixed: the substitution of “[zmg:post_permalink]” in RSS-feeds.
  4. It have been also fixed the theoretically existed problem with the functioning of auto-update. Since now ZME makes an auto-update every 12 hours, and the appropriate option has been removed from the control panel.
    It is necessary to make a remark that wp-cron (scripts autorun scheduler integrated to WordPress) works only in case of direct requests to WP engine, escaping the cache. Due to this fact, if your blog has a low traffic and you use cash, it is recommended to set up an auto-check of your blog, for example by means of the service using URL like (expression “?s=play” makes Wordpress search the phrase “play”). Also, this service lets you estimate your hosting reliability.

Featured Game XML – Useful Tool from Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games Affiliate Program - Featured GamesI think the tool like Featured Games XML is well-familiar for most partners of Big Fish Games’ Affiliate Program. Recently this very tool has become even more useful for web-masters, allowing them to create pretty fetching promo blocks of “best exclusive” games on their sites. Read the rest of this entry »

Alawar Affiliate Program: Reduction of Minimum Payment Level

We have a good news for all web-masters, who take part in Alawar’s Affiliate Program. Since March 1, 2011 the minimum payment level will be reduced. In the past the minimum payment level was $50, but now it is enough to have only $5 on your account. However, the reduction of the minimum payment level regards to those affiliates who use Webmoney for taking their earning money out. Read the rest of this entry »

Alawar’s Referral System

About a half year ago Alawar’s Affiliate Program had launched its Referral System in beta testing mode. Now the system of capturing new partners and getting extra money is working on full-scale. However, some important alternations took place. Read the rest of this entry »