Active Customers Drop off on Big Fish Games

BFG Affiliate ProgramIt seems Big Fish Games Affiliate Program just recently transformed from Principal Network Partner into Big Fish Games Affiliate Program. But day after day new BFGAP will celebrate its 1 year anniversary. With this event, all BFG’s affiliates will face some important alternations. Read the rest of this entry »

New Language Portals from Alawar

Alawar Affiliate ProgramIn the end of 2010 Alawar’s Affiliate Program made all its partners a present – new game portals localized in Turkish, Czech, Estonian and Indonesian. Alawar definitely purposes to embrace a large audience all over the glob. Let us recall you that today Alawar offers different casual games for distribution localized in 19 languages worldwide! Read the rest of this entry »

New International BigFishGames Portals

I think there is no need to make a mystery of the fact that BigFishGames is the leading casual game portal. Not long ago, in July 2010, BigFishGames announced that  1 billion games had been downloaded from its content. Today BigFishGames is successfully expanding its presence on casual game market launching new portals in 5 different languages Read the rest of this entry »

Let’s Celebrate Halloween with BigFishGames’ Sale

Halloween is one of the popular holidays in America and Europe. People dressed up as witches, ghosts and goblins, are wandering about the streets. They decorate their houses with funny pumpkins. So, if you decorate your website with different Halloween things, it will attract more visitor as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Alawar’s Affiliate Program: New Languages for Content

The greatest Russian affiliate program, a leading distributor of casual games, goes on its vigorous development on the European market. Alawar’s games have been localized into German, English and Polish, now and then this list have been extremely enlarged. Read the rest of this entry »

BigFishGames: Invalid Reports

Big Fish Games Affiliate ProgramUnfortunately, our great expectations about new useful statistics still do not come true. It is rather strange that such leader of selling casual games as BigFishGames, which can really show off its rich resources, is unable to provide its affiliates with a fine reporting system. Read the rest of this entry »

More useful statistics in Big Fish Games affiliate program

Remarks on account of reports had been scarcely told aloud in a Big Fish Games affiliate program when new messages about an accessibility of new possibilities has begun to appear in the affiliate program news. Perhaps, the fact that Michael May, who worked at Reflexive before, was included into the managers stuff of the affiliate program has produced a positive effect. Read the rest of this entry »

The Closing of Russian Affiliate Program IGROMoney: game base update

As it was supposed, Russian affiliate program IGROMoney has stopped its existing but it happened one month ahead of schedule – August 1, 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

Week-end sales on BigFishGames

These week-end BigFishGames Affiliate Program offers discounts for games on its English, German and Japanese portals.

1 billion downloads at BigFishGames Read the rest of this entry »

New BigFishGames promotion: 40% discounts

Spain's World Cup victory sale

BigFishGames promotions have already became regular: 4 July, Spring Fever, Easter Sale and others.

This week BigFishGames lets encourage your users to take 40% off all 7.99 € games on and portals to celebrate Bastille Day and Spain’s World Cup Victory. Read the rest of this entry »