Active Customers Drop off on Big Fish Games

BFG Affiliate ProgramIt seems Big Fish Games Affiliate Program just recently transformed from Principal Network Partner into Big Fish Games Affiliate Program. But day after day new BFGAP will celebrate its 1 year anniversary. With this event, all BFG’s affiliates will face some important alternations.

Those, who deals with BFG Affiliate Program, know that every customer which makes his purchase by affiliate link becomes a child of the affiliate at once and brings it benefits during the whole year. Upon the expiration of one year from the day of starting new BFGAP most of you can see customers drop off, mainly your active customers. This is a result of customers migration from old PNP to the new BFGAP.

During customers migration from the old affiliate program to the new one as the starting point of the binding period they used the customers’ most recent activity time.
For example:

02-03-2009             12-07-2009                                          24-12-2009

So, if your customer makes his last purchase on 24-12-2009, when his is migrated, this very date will be used as a starting of the binding period during of which he will bring his affiliate a benefit. Consequently, on 24-12-2010 this customer loses its active customers status and gets expired customers. You are able to follow all these process in Customer Reports.

Thus, the closer we get to the one-year anniversary of BFGAP, the more customers will be excluded. Another words, the more customers pass to Big Fish Games, the more Big Fish Games will get benefits from them.

The stark realities of life is: you attract a customer, you have been getting benefits from him for a year, but now all benefits will go to Big Fish Games.

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