More useful statistics in Big Fish Games affiliate program

Remarks on account of reports had been scarcely told aloud in a Big Fish Games affiliate program when new messages about an accessibility of new possibilities has begun to appear in the affiliate program news. Perhaps, the fact that Michael May, who worked at Reflexive before, was included into the managers stuff of the affiliate program has produced a positive effect.

For the moment, the affiliates have three new types of reports:

  1. Campaign Reports. It’s the most interesting type of reports. Affiliates are able to create their own campaign codes and track the traffic that runs through each. For example, it allows you to keep track of separate statics of sales for each of several web sites. It also give a possibility to track the effectiveness of one or another banner that are at your site. In order to do the Campaign Codes should be implemented on your links:

http://PLACE URL HERE?channel=affiliates&identifier=YOURAFCODE&cid=PLACE THE UNIQUE CID HERE

Draw your attention to some campaign creation rules:

  • the Campaign Code (CID) is case sensitive so it’s better to use lower case characters. The campaign name in the reports will be shown just so you spelled it out in the links;
  • the system may not recognize special characters in CID’s, so don’t use them;
  • CID should not contain more than 45 symbols;
  • CID that are not fixed in the link will get into the section “Unknown”;
  • Campaign Codes are kept in the cookies until they are substituted or removed by the user;
  • Campaign Code should be added to any link that leads to BigFishGames.

You can create as many campaigns as you want but on the page of report will be shown only  100 best compaigns.

You can view statistics of campaigns by days or by months and save the reports’ data as CSV file. Click on the name of campaign in the report and you will able to look through titles of sold games, their genre, a number of purchases and total sales.

2. Game Sales Reports is an information about sold games: their title, genre, quantity, Site game was purchased on (i.e US, DE, ES, etc.).

The report includes 100 best seller games for a certain period of time: day, month or year. Unfortunately, you can’t choose a custom time period. The report can also be export to CSV file.

Analyzing the statistics of this report you will be able to make a clear idea of which games your users are mostly interested in.

3. Customer Reports. These reports give you a possibility to view three types of the information:

  • New Customer Report allows you to keep track of how many new buyers were attached to your account;
  • Net Customer Report shows a number of new buyers less “expired” buyers. “Expired” buyers were attached to your account during last 365 days but don’t carry you a commission fee anymore.
  • Active Customer Report gives an information about active buyers that are attached to your account and carry you a commission fee.

Any of these three types of reports can be organized by days, months or years. They can also be export to CSV file.

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Android GamesMarch 2nd, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Fish Games announced that it is expanding its “direct-to-consumer reach” by launching five localized game portals in Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Italian, and Swedish. Additionally, the company is now accepting payments in 16 new currencies; the Argentine peso, Australian dollar, Brazilian real, British pound, Canadian dollar, Danish krone, euro, Japanese yen, Mexican peso, New Zealand dollar, Norwegian kroner, South African rand, Singapore dollar, Swedish krona, Swiss franc, and US dollar.

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