IGROMoney affiliate program from Realore Studios – overview

Realore studiosThe Realore Studios is one of the leading companies which develope, publish and distribute games. The games, developed by it, are becoming popular not only on the Russian market, but also on foreign markets.

Realore Studios has developed about 30 games, among which such popular series as games with Jane (Jane’s Zoo, Jane’s Hotel, Jane’s Reality, etc.), which is on the top of world charts. Developers state that they produce only exclusive games and are not involved in mass release. By the way, the company has celebrated its 7th birthday this month.

IGROMoneyIn December, 2008 Realore Studios has launched IGROMoney affiliate program, which helps to earn money on casual games selling. Now the program is accessible only in Russian, but it is suitable both for beginners and professionals.

To become a partner you need to register in the program, the process of registration is very simple. There are two ways of money earning in IGROMoney program:

1)      After the registration you’ve been given the partner ID; and the unique partner link, for example [click here] is formed. You can place this link on any resource, and if user buys a game through this link, you will receive the deserved reward – 40 rubles (~$1,4). In IGROMoney this way of cooperation is called “for users”. Everything is extremely simple: you don’t need to have any special knowledge; it will be enough to place the link to your blog, social network, etc.

2)      The second way – “for webmasters” – should be examined more closely.

Unlike other affiliate programs, which offer showroom placing through ready Java Script (for example, Alawar), the showroom from IGROMoney is placed on the domain of the second or third level through the addition of new record CNAME. For example, to adjust the domain of the third level games.site.ru with IGROMoney showroom on site.ru, it is necessary to have a games.site.ru CNAME igromoney.ru record. For this purpose you need to refer to your hoster, or if you have an access, to do it yourself. It will take about one day. With ready Zamango Money Extractor plugin it will be faster, more convenient and less problematic, because you don’t have to create any domains of the third level and to register CNAME. If you have chosen the IGROMoney alternative of placing the games, you wouldn’t be able to change your showroom’s appearance, design, etc. The only thing you can do is the editing of top games and the heading of your showroom through the dashboard of the affiliate program.

For those who want to create their own website with Realore games, but don’t want to use ready showroom, XML in Windows-1251 or UTF-8 coding is given. Its processing is your problem, which can be solved if you use Zamango Money Extractor plugin.

There is a bit by bit instruction for users and for experienced webmasters on the site.

After the registration, affiliate is given individual partner number or PID. The Realore company works on the principle of try and buy, i.e. a potential buyer downloads a game and plays first 60 minutes of it for free. After the expiration of this time wrapper blocks the game. To purchase it user needs to send sms and get the activation code.

A partner gets 40 rubles (~$1,4) for each game purchasing. The company promises to make payments automatically at the beginning of every month (from 1 to 5 days), but as a matter of fact the delays of payments are not uncommon. We need to say that there are no limits in payments and they are withdrawn through WebMoney and YandexMoney systems.

The affiliate program has a row of considerable minuses. First, the program is made only for the Russian-language market (Russia, Ukraine, Baltic countries). Second, it has small game base: the total amount is 90 games, unique games (i.e. which are not presented in other Russian partner programs) is 50. However, some games turned out to be successful and are being bought adequately. New games are published not very often, but they appear in the affiliate program on the same day, as on realore.ru. So you can have Realore games “for assortment”.

The IGROMoney affiliate program also gives promo-materials which you can use for users attraction: banners and blocks of games. The choice of banners is poor: 5 sets for five games. Html-code is generated for banner placing on your resource, after you have chosen necessary size and entered a link where the banner leads. Blocks of games are the advertising blocks; their size, color, pictures location, text length, etc. is set by you. As a result you receive html-code, and after its placing on a site you will get such block, for example:

So you should use the affiliate program by Realore as an addition to other Russian programs, for example, to Alawar, GameBoss, TurboGames, because the game base is very small, but there are exclusive games, which are very popular among users. Our Zamango service is made to facilitate you work on collecting games data from different affiliate programs. So register in IGROMoney, download and install our plugin – and games from the leading partner programs will be placed on your resource.

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