GameBoss affiliate program for casual games selling

GameBossLet’s examine the Russian segment of casual games market and variants of earning  money in this segment. The popularity of casual games in Runet has increased during the last years, and business based on Russian mini-games market becomes more and more perspective. GameBoss affiliate program was made in 2006 and for these three years has considerably expanded game base, there are more than 300 games in it now.

How does the GameBoss affiliate program work?

In the description of the affiliate program it is said that “Popular resource is regularly refilled fresh games base, with the help of which your website will bring the constant income of 1.5$ from one SMS, sent for the game activation.” It is necessary to specify that GameBoss affiliates can receive 40 rubles for each activation since recently, while the sales amount is more than 100, and if you have more than 150 sales, you get 45 rubles for each activated game. But it is necessary to note that the Alawar affiliates get 40 rubles regardless of sold games.

Certainly potential affiliates are worried about how they can receive the earned money. The unique links for the game downloading, which contain affiliate ID, become available after registration in the affiliate program. The user downloads and installs a game with so-called wrapper (the program module), which blocks the game after some time. The game activation is carried out by sending SMS with a code to special number. The activation code includes the partner ID, which link is used for game downloading.

One of the pluses is a way of payment through SMS that is rather convenient for local gamers, because it is not convenient for all to purchase a game with a credit card (as it happens when you buy a game from the BigFishGames, for example). Besides if you join the GameBoss affiliate program you can involve not only Russian users, because sms payments are accepted from Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh residents, plus electronic payments.

Besides you can earn money by placing the links with your partner ID, which are given in dashboard, on various resources. The user’s browser remembers cookies, which defines your buyer, when he goes to that link. You will receive the commission for each purchase of this user even if he goes to the GameBoss website without your link.

Also it is necessary to consider that the GameBoss affiliate program is multilevel. You can receive 10% of each partner’s, involved by you, income.

So the affiliate has 3 ways to earn money with the GameBoss affiliate program. The partner can decide whether to choose one of them or use all of them. As an argument in favor of GameBoss we site some figures, viz. top partners:

TOP10 partners for September, 2009


Income, $

1. roma


2. Alexey


3. nevo


4. Sergey


5. Dimon


6. Aleksandr


7. sotguru


8. Sergey


9. Yuriy


10. Roman


The GameBoss affiliate can receive the money, earned by honest employment, 2 times a month, the minimal payment is 5 USD at the exchange rate of the Bank of Russia at the current date, transactions commission is paid by the partner. GameBoss works with two payment systems: WebMoney (WMZ) and Yandex money.

After your registration in the affiliate program promo-materials for more than 300 games, Russian descriptions, graphic material (icons and screenshots), partner links for games downloading, also banners and commercial module constructor (which can be placed on the websites), become available for you. As to promo materials we can’t say that they are new and varied, but that will be enough to use them for games promotion. Besides there is a possibility to adjust commercial modules where game advertising is set, this is one more way to increase casual games sales from your site.

As to the regular game base updating we can’t say that this is true. First, new games appear absolutely sporadically, sometimes 2 times a week, sometimes 2 times a month. Second, a new game publication is not always announced in affiliate program’s news for some unknown reasons. But this won’t be a problem for Zamangers as Zamango content managers control the GameBoss updating and add all new games to base.

For professionals and programmers there is including all content XML-feed, which can be customized and adjusted for your website: the games collections according to genres, to rating, to different classification, etc.

Herewith after you have adjusted a site one time, you shouldn’t update it manually when a new game is published.

If there is a problem with functioning, you should apply to the support service and hope for the best. Technical support is not ideal, but is quite good: within several days you can get the answer. Also you shouldn’t hope that you can avoid the interaction with the GameBoss support service: when you have read in news that “bilds are updated” you would have to write and ask what was changed and what you should do with it. If you have no patience and do not want to communicate with support service, you can try to find the answers on the GameBoss forum.

Who is the GameBoss affiliate program made for?

First of all the GameBoss affiliate program for games selling is made for those, who begin to earn money with affiliate programs, but  don’t know English well and that is why cannot understand English partner programs and involve English-speaking users.

Also if you want to earn money in the future you should join it, because Russian segment of casual games market is developing rapidly and is rather perspective.

There aren’t many players on it, the traffic fights are not so tough, and as to the low prices for products, a plenty of cracks and warez, all this changes for the better.

However we should note that if you have the base knowledge of English (and online translators can help you), you should pay attention to similar English affiliate programs, for example, BigFishGames or Reflexive. You can earn more there and their content base is larger.

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