Change log

The latest version Actual plugin version: Zamango Money Extractor

[+] New feature
[-] Bug fixed
[*] Changes
[!] Important notice

Zamango Money Extractor v.1.5

[-] Fix realtime permalinks in excerpt (wp’s balanceTags breaks ZMG markup).

Zamango Money Extractor v.1.4

[-] Fix long update delays.
[-] Fix duplicate entries in WP 3.1.3+ .

Zamango Money Extractor v.1.3

[-] Fix missing permalinks in excerpt.

Zamango Money Extractor v.1.2

[-] Fix typo.

Zamango Money Extractor v.1.1 (2010-04-08)

[-] Fix wrong function pointer definition.

Zamango Money Extractor v.1.0 (2010-04-07)

[-] All warnings resolved.

[*]Code rewritten from scratch and optimized.

[*] Reduced CSS and JS files includes.

[*] Activation and deactivation hooks are binded only to /wp-admin/plugins.php (increases WP performance).

[*] Human readable plugin URL in admin page.

[*] New admin UI (suitable for WP themes).

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.30 (2010-03-03)

[-] Fix missing array initialization.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.29 (2010-01-14)

[-] Fixed missing HTML escape in form fields.
[+] Added buy link button (tags [zmg:buy_pc_link] and [zmg:buy_mac_link]).
[+] Added short description (tag [zmg:desc_80]).

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.28 (2009-12-16)

[-] Fixed reset of comment_status on posts update.

[-] Post revisions didn’t disabled on posts update.

[*] Now used wp_cron for auto update.

[*] Enlarged socket timeout when retrieving RSS from remote server.

[+] Added random words dictionary

[+] Added tag [zmg:random_word] for use random words from dictionary.

[+] Added post title template.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.27 (2009-11-19)

[-] Fix error handling in case of Wordpress uses fopen() for retrieving RSS from remote server.

[*] Improved performance of posts deletion (including bulk deletion): now plugin doesn’t syncs related games as of it is done on post rendering phase.

[*] Improved performance of related games template processing: now it process related games block only when [zmg:relgames] tag occured in post content.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.26 (2009-11-11)

[*] Added support for localized screenshots in “Related Games” section.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.25 (2009-11-08)

[*] Now plugin requests RSS from zamango server with the additional parameters ‘offset’ and ‘limit’, so server returns shorter RSS feed. It solves memory limits per PHP process on shared hosting services.

[-] Minor fixes in UI for russian locale

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.24 (2009-10-27)

[+] Added russian translation (

[*] Sources are completely multilingual.

[*] Now all paths (JS/img/css) doesn’t depend on plugin folder name.

[-] Fix error handling when RSS channel doesn’t exists.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.23 (2009-10-27)

[-] Disable post revisions only on import/update/autoupdate.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.22 (2009-10-23)

[!] Plugin was removed to

[*] Paths to CSS to JavaScript were change due to plugin removal.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.21 (2009-10-23)

[*] Changes: now using wpremoterequest() for XML retrieving instead of filegetcontents() as lot of hosters disable it.

[*] Cosmetic changes in UI.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.20 (2009-10-23)

[*] Added three screenshots.

[!] WordPress version 2.5 or above is required for correct work of plugin

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.19 (2009-10-20)

[+] ZMG tag “[zmg:post_permalink]” is added to templates. It returns URL of the post, so now it’s possible to make link to full post from image, text of whole excerpt.

[!] Tag “[zmg:post_permalink]” is renreder on the fly then visitor requests the URL.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.18 (2009-10-20)

[*] Posts hiding in the Post Edit menu is fixed: now all post of zamango content category are hidden.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.17 (2009-10-19)

[+] Option “Show posts on the admin page (Edit Posts)” is added to help those zamangers who don’t want to change zamango content.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.16 (2009-10-19)

[+] Empty function ‘zmginsertpost_custom()’ is added for advanced zamangers. It’s called after all processings and before post publishing.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.15.1 (2009-10-18)

[-] If ‘zmg:sysreq’ is empty, warning message is shown.

[-] Minor bugs are fixed.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.15 (2009-10-18)

[-] Fixed links’ appearance (some WP themes set large marging for images).

[-] Minor bugs are fixed.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.14.1 (2009-10-16)

[+] Possibility to change auto-update period and related games amount on the fly, i.e. without syndicating of whole Zamango XML.

[-] Minor bugs are fixed.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.14 (2009-10-15)

[+] Option to save zamanger’s preferences (like username, channel name, autoupdate period, templates and so on) when deactivating and activating the plugin.

[-] Checked option “Show posts on the front page” causes duplication of non-zamango posts.

[-] Auto-update deletes all posts.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.13 (2009-10-15)

[+] Checkbox “Show posts on the front page” is added.

[*] Cosmetic fixes.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.12 (2009-10-13)

[*] Now posts are imported in the forward direction instead of reversed one (earlier backward order was needed for proper related games setting).

[+] Checkboxes for what to use as tags (available content types, categories and publishers) are added.

[+] Checkbox “Create hierarchical category structure” is added. If unchecked, all zamango posts will be placed to one category named according to content type and inside the selected parent category.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.11 (2009-10-12)

[+] Option to select one of the predefined “download” buttons and make them of one of 256 colors. Also custom button and semi-transparent buttons are available.

[-] Minor bugs are fixed.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.10 (2009-10-06)

[-] Cosmetic fixes in default templates.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.9 (2009-10-05)

[*] Script time-to-live is prolonged until 900 seconds.

[+] Option to select parent category for whole Zamango category tree (content type > category > subcategory >…).

[-] Minor bugs are fixed.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.8 (2009-09-30)

[+] Now related games are set on the fly, so they are using permalinks.

[+] Option “Max related games in post”. If it’s not enough to show all related games set for current, ZME plugin will show random selection.

[+] Tag [zmg:guid] now may be used in the template.

[-] Bugs with related games after posts deletion.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.7 (2009-09-29)

[*] Now ZME plugin is guided by last-modified date instead of release date.

[+] If the title is not on sale the post will be deleted automatically (but if zamanger has changed it then it’ll become “draft”).

[+] “Bulk delete” option will remove all zamango posts (also it’s possible to leave posts which were modified by zamanger manually.

[-] Minor bugs are fixed.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.6 (2009-09-24)

[*] Preview of posts and excerpts while changing templates.

[+] Excerpt cosmetic fixes.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.5.2 (2009-09-21)

[*] Post revisions are disabled for syndication, thus it became much faster.

[*] Minor fixes in hints.

[-] ‘Related games’ title was shown even if the current game has no one related games.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.5.1 (2009-09-19)

[*] Fixes in related games processing.

[-] Absence of needed ‘include’ function.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.5 (2009-09-09)

[-] Bugs in categories tree generated by ZME.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.4 (2009-09-07)

[*] Magpie RSS is not used due to writing of own XML parser, so XML syndication became significantly faster.

[-] Minor bugs are fixed.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.3 (2009-09-02)

[-] Wrong URL in related games.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.2 (2009-09-01)

[*] The templates of descriptions and excerpts are simplified.

[*] The default download buttons are removed.

Zamango Money Extractor v.0.1 (2009-08-18)

[*] First functioning version.

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