FAQ BigFishGames Payment System

Following the release of BigFishGames’ new payment system on March 17, 2010, the Big Fish Games Affiliate Management Team received some question regarding the payment process. Please have a look at this post for answers to questions you might have.

Earnings to Date:
Your total earnings as a Big Fish Games Affiliate. For affiliates who were active in the former PNP program, this includes your total earnings under the new program*, plus your earnings from the former program that you have not been paid yet.
Earnings Balance:Earnings accrued since your last payment request.
Available Earnings:Earnings available for payment. Earnings are available 45 days from the date they were accrued.

I cannot request all my earnings. Why?

According to the Terms of service :
Referral Fees which accrue on your behalf in any calendar month are payable to you forty-five (45) calendar days or later after the end of such month.
You can request your available earnings, which include all your commissions that you earned 45 days or more prior to today.

How often can I get paid?

Payment requests will be processed once a month, on the 15th of every month. All payment requests submitted after the 15th will be processed in the following month.
Because BigFishGames has just released their new payment system, for the month of March, all requests submitted before Sunday, March 21, 11:59 PST, will be processed.

Do I need to fill in my payment information each time I request payment?

Yes. The reason for this is that BigFishGames experienced problems in the past with having payment information on file, e.g. affiliates would change their information and forget to update it in their account. To avoid these problems and make sure your payment does not bounce back, BigFishGames asks you to fill in your information each time you submit a payment request.

I am a US affiliate and have mailed my W-9 to the Big Fish Games Affiliate Program Team. What happens next?

All affiliates residing in the US and US territories need to mail to BigFishGames a W-9 in order to request payment. When BigFishGames receive your W-9, they immediately update your account. You won’t see this on your end, but this will allow you to submit a payment request. If, as a US affiliate, you are not asked for a W-9 when submitting a payment request, you can be sure that BigFishGames received your W-9 and updated your account. It helps to find your Affiliate account if you indicate your affiliate code and/or username when mailing your W-9. Thanks!

I am not a US affiliate, but I am asked for a W-9 when submitting a payment request. Why?

Please check your account information if you accidentally entered US instead of the country code of your country upon registration. If you stated US as the country you reside in, the system will demand a W-9. If you need to change the country code, please read Update Account Information .

What payment methods are available?

BigFishGames offer payment via PayPal, ACH, or Wire Transfer. ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, which is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. If you want to know more about ACH, please read this:
Automated Clearing House
Checks are not an available payment method anymore.

What is the minimum required available balance to receive payment?

PayPal carries a minimum required available balance of $50 and a $10,000 maximum. ACH requires a $50 available balance and has no maximum limit. Wire Transfer requires a $500 minimum available balance (inclusive of a $20 transfer fee), with no maximum limit.

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