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If you have read the article BigFishGames’ affiliation program – Beginning you know that you will have a set of certain tools to attract potential buyers to your site, i.e. to your affiliate account, where they’ll earn money for you forever and ever. Also if you have read the previous article, you know that despite the unity of the BigFishGames’ partner program, you are going to log in into two different administrative panels. For this inconvenience we can adjudge a big minus to the guys from bigfish. Unfortunately, they don’t really care :)

We are going to start this article with an overview of administrative panel for housewives, i.e. MyGameSpace. You can log in to this panel here [click here]. First of all we have to mention that the person who designed the administrative interface never heard about books on usability even from his closest friends. To perform some basic operations, like checking your statistics, you will have to click buttons of your mouse industriously and wait till all their heavy pages will load up. That’s why we recommend you to bookmark pages that contain interesting statistics in the first place.

Anyway, we’ll describe things as they go. On the admin panel entrance page you can see the information on how many people have already entered their e-mails to BigFishGames. This information is available on this page, in your GameSpace, and nowhere else.

The following image shows what is waiting for you after you get into the admin panel.


We don’t really know why they’ve made such a useless page, however, from it you can go to several other intervening pages, like Game Space Overview and Rewards Overview. If you click Share with friends you’ll find yourself on the Quick Invite page – probably, guys from Bigfish decided that it is enough to have only two Overviews :)


As you have probably noticed, Rewards overview tab has a top of those lucky fellows, who can easily afford living on a sunny tropical island, cause their income constantly grows. You can compare this screenshot and the table in this article. Pay attention that the difference is only 8 days! So, if you feel that this top is important, you can always find it here.

Talking about the tools designed to attract people, this panel has:

-ability to edit your GameSpace

-ability to see your affiliate ID, which, according to the manual, can be added to any page of BigFishGames’ site – Add Friends to your list by referring people to any page on and ending the URL with ?afcode=af42de91a547

-ability to get ready links to all major pages of the BigFishGames’ site;

-ability to get banners’ code for BigFishGames itself, and for certain games.

And finally you’ll get access to the spam machine where you can add 1000 e-mails per operation, and 5000 per day. You can find this machine in the My friends tab.


There are two instruments of statistics: statistics of your friends which, by the way, is available only in this admin panel and has many convenient sorting options, and also statistics on your total income.


This admin panel has several other unique features, which can’t be found anywhere else – option that allows to exchange your earned money on various stuff or give your it to the poor (it doesn’t work now). Also you can get two games for free, but you can only choose from the list of five.

Now we are going to tell you about PNP Affiliate Network administrative panel, which can be found here. The difference is obvious, the developer have put the brief information about your income even on the first page. If you click the link “more”, which is situated under the income information, you’ll get to the page which is designed specifically to make you tremble as you see the words CASH GENERATORS. Unfortunately, the idea with trembling have failed and seeing their graphs and tables can easily make you cry… :( So, it’s better to follow your statistics in MyGameSpace administration panel, cause here it doesn’t have any useful information and details.

PNP Affiliate Programm - MainPNP Affiliate Programm - Reports Overview

However, it is better to take content in this panel: here you can get iframes, content in XML format, links for rss-feeds, and also scripts for your future site. Banners and links are the same as in MyGameSpace panel, but you can’t edit your gamespace from here.

Iframe for your site can be full, or can contain only central and right column.

PNP Affiliate Programm - Iframes

You can receive rss-feeds on new games, top games, or on games of certain category.

PNP Affiliate Programm - RSS

There is an interesting situation with XML: BigFishGames doesn’t simply gives you data in this format, they provide you with classes for parsing this XML, and preset PHP-scripts for making your own site. So you don’t have to hire some fancy professionals to create a new engine, you can polish and use ready scripts.

PNP Affiliate Programm - XML

Summarizing, we want to say, that it is better to use MyGameSpace to check your statistics. But to get all the necessary tools you will have to visit PNP Affiliate Program.

Good luck in your business!

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