BigFishGames’ affiliation program – Beginning

Well then, after you have read general review of the BigFishGames’ partner program, you are dead set on making as much money as you can as fast as possible. To begin with you should create an account. During this simple procedure, remember that you WON’T BE ABLE to change your username, which is used to refer on your partnership page [click here]. That is why you shouldn’t enter any abstract or obscene names there.

Indisputable advantage of the program is official opportunity (unofficial opportunity is usually common) to enter information on how and where you want to get your money after the registration. That means you will have time to think about it before you actually earn something, not to cook a hare before catching him. In addition to that, guys from BigFishGames say that you don’t have to fill in any documents like W-8BEN, or get US tax identification number. You can find out how much you’ve earned from BigFishGames‘ letters.

Next step is to choose one of two possible strategies of earning money:

- you can earn money by selling games to the ultimate customer
- or you can attract under your wing as many affiliates as possible, and you will get 25% of their net earnings

To say that one of them is better than another would be wrong, both are good, but different. You can choose the one you like best.

If you choose to sell games to the ultimate customer, you have two options:

- relax and manage your your game space, like this one [click here], by pressing different buttons, adding games to your top and reviewing them if you have spare minute. Next step is to attract potential buyers on your pseudo-site, witch is a tough job, cause such links usually irritate users and sooner or later you will be expelled from different communities of potential buyers. However, you can leave your pseudo-site alone and post direct bigfish’s link with your affiliate ID added to the URL. The main advantage of this option is that you don’t have to invest anything.

- another thing is creation of your own site, which can be different from thousands of other sites with its unique design. Your site can have its own domain or sub-domain (if you are too mean). Anyway it would be interesting for you to study the toolbox of the BigFishGames’ program.

If you log in here [click here] you can notice that panel of administrator is a little bit different than here [click here]. The first is supposedly more advanced, cause it is designed for average affiliate. The second one is for housewives. Anyway you will have to use both of them, cause some things, like the revenue you got from a certain buyer, can be seen only in MyGameSpace panel (unfortunately, it works while you have less than 500 customers – after that it stops showing the list of friends).

No matter which way of selling games you have chosen, you will always have an opportunity to get clients by adding their e-mails in the list of potential friends and sending them different proposals. If these friends will enter the site of BigFishGames company and will enter their e-mail in the process of downloading the game,  buying it, or playing online – it will be your source of income for the rest of times.

If you choose your colleagues affiliates as a source of earning money, then you leave housewives alone and look for sellers like you.

Register in the program, read about the toolbox of the program and earn money!

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