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CasualChartsWhen you have got your own content from all affiliate programs and started your game project, be ready to take a lot of decisions in order to raise sales result of casual games.  Each seller wants to feel the mood of his customers and offer them the products they need. Thus so-called “top” list of the games will be very useful. You can place it on the main page that will informs users about the most popular games. Of course, you can make your own list of the top games based on buying and download statistics or based on your own opinion, but it will not be good.

In this connection, you may use information from CasualCharts. The resource was founded in 2005 under the title Game-Sales-Charts but then was renamed. There are charts of casual games of large game portals, such as AOL, Big Fish Games, eGames, Game House, iWin, Mac Game Store, MSN Hot Games, Oberon, Pogo, Real Arcade, Reflexive Arcade, Shockwave, Yahoo! .

Every day CasualCharts collects from these portals the freshest information about popular games. Today CasualCharts offers us the information in three chapters: WorldMap, New Releases и History.

At page WoldMap you are able to observe the charts of the greatest game portals in the current date. So the common  top of 10 games is based on the results of these charts.

CasualCharts World Map

You can customize the received data as you need. CasualCharts OptionsIn Options you can choose portals, time interval, amount of games in a top of each portal, horizontal or vertical representation. Moreover, you can choose a period for fixation of game’s position change in the top (displayed by arrows beside a game title). CasualCharts uses a game scoring system: every time a game appears in the top, it gives a quantity of scores. In Options you can choose a scoring method.

In  History you can find top changes history for one portal you have chosen. You can select a time period (days, weeks, mounts) and the amount of games in a top.

On the page New Releases you can find the information about everyday new releases on portals you have chosen. It means that you will be well informed about all new releases and to be given an accurate account about casual games industry. And all that is on only one website.

Moreover, you can find a lot of charts based on different parameters. A list and description of each chart are in Legacy Charts.

It is not a secret that the majority of games are issued on different portals at different times, a game can be exclusive for a long period on some of them. You can see the bestsellers by monitoring the charts, and as soon as the proper game appears in the affiliate program which you are working with, it will be reasonable to put this game to “top”. Very often the games which “we” like, our websites’ visitors dislike. Casual Chart helps you to look at your “top” from outside.

After you’ve made your own sales chart, compare it to the charts from large portals constantly, with one of them they will coincide the most. Try to be geared to this portal.  Many people who work in this organization spend much time and money on studies to get maximum profit from sales. Use their knowledge, if the types of your visitors are alike, you can increase your sales by offering the same products undoubtedly.

But any statistics helps only if its data is analyzed correctly. Study, think and make right decisions!

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