Every Week BigFishGames’ Sales in Order to Help Affiliate Partner

More than once BigFishGames’ Affiliate program has offered its partners to derive benefit from different sales and promo-actions to draw new customers. As the result shows such spring sales as Spring Fever, Easter Sale and other promo-actions was quite successful and attracted many new customers. Let us remind you that every customer you bring to BigFishGames will be attached to you.

BigFishGames has started on a new weekly action “Catch of the Week”. According to this action, the user is able to buy one of the coolest games for special low price $2.99 (2.99€ for European users, 349-yen – for Japanese users).

Any user can take advantage of this offer:

- to get this great discount user need not be a member of Big Fish Games Game Club,

- this discount is available on five different languages of the affiliate program,

- this discount is active for the whole week.

The game, which has a discount, changes every Monday.

To take advantage of this special offer, affiliate partner should inform the visitors of his website about the great discounts in time. In this connection, BigFishGames provides his partners with promotional banners on five different languages. Unfortunately, now it is available only the banners of two seize – 300×250 and 728×90. So, you have to place these very banners on your website or create your own banners, or try to create an updated promotion bloc (as BigFishGames has created it). Banners are available in affiliate’s RSS: every Friday there you can take a banner for the game of the next week.

To create their own promotion bloc, affiliates can use a special XML feed, but the help of the programmer will be useful there, we suppose.

There is especial information for XML:

Tagline:A new $2.99 deal every Monday!
Coupon Code
Coupon Instructions
Offer Start Date: Monday, Day, Month, year, local time (PST, CET or JST)
Offer End Date: Sunday, Day, Month, year, local time (PST, CET or JST)
Catch of the Week logo Url
Game Information
Image: 80×80
Game URL

Link to XML feed you may get in affiliate’s control panel

It is strange why BigFishGames did not provide his partners with ready promotion bloc. For example, Russian affiliate program GameBoss is more careful of this question.

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