Zamango M.E. plugin for an active blog

Many owners of one or several blogs try to find profitable methods of its monetization. One way is to use different casual games affiliate programs. But here a blogger faces with a big problem: how to place games on his blog without disturbing its structure and with minimum effort and time expenses. To solve this problem it is enough to use Zamango Money Extractor plugin. We can give some weighty arguments in favour of ZME plugin:

  • Plugin setting doesn’t require some special knowledge and even newbie can do it
  • Plugin is absolutely free
  • Game category is separate from other menu paragraphs
  • We can place all games or games of definite kinds and genres
  • Game posts don’t mix with your general posts
  • Post names can be generated in consideration of your SEO requests

We have already written about how to start a game site from nothing by using ZME.

Where are some little differences in plugin setting on an active blog:

  1. What is the most important to use ZME plugin is your blog must be WordPress blog and you must have the possibility to set up new plugins.
  2. Then you can proceed to  sign-up for Zamango and affiliate programs you have chosen (BigFishGames, Reflexive, Alawar, GameBoss, Turbogames, ИГРОMoney.  At the moment, Zamango offers games in seven languages from six different affiliate programs. For more information see Zamango’s Casual Games Base. After you have enter the system, you get links on registration pages (we offer to review some advices on sign-up in different partner programs).
  3. In each affiliate program you get Partner ID or Affiliate ID. This data must be put on settings of your Zamango personal profile. This operation is necessary to use your ID in download links creating, so as exactly you who get charge from games sold on your blog.
    Enter your partner ID's
  4. You have to decide which games and on which languages will be posted on your blog (on your blog page), and create a channel. To do it pass in the section Content Channels.  There are pre-installed channels that you can edit: change name, change the affiliate program priority, choose genres of the games that will be placed on you blog.
    Zamango channel list
    If the default channels are not enough you can create you own one with desired settings. Pay your attention that for one channel you can choose only one language.
    Create a channel
  5. Than tune the plugin. Download the latest version of ZME and copy the archive content in folder/wp-content/plugins/ of your blog.
  6. Enter into the control panel of your blog, section Plugins, find Zamango Money Extractor. Press Activate.
    Activate ZME plugin
  7. After the activation button Zamango M.E. appears (right down).
    Press it and enter the page of plugin management.
    Zamango Money Extractor page
    Here you have to enter your login, the same that you use to enter the Zamango service system, and enter the name of the channel you will use. You have a large choice between the game’s post layouts by dint of set terms (press Help… to see the list). Post name layout sets the template for the name formation of game’s post. This is the great tool for  SEO. In a field Random words you enumerate key-words comma separated that will add at random in the post name. If you want, you can change Excerpt layout and Content layout (use the button Help… and Preview…)
  8. After run-up you can easily press the button Sindicate. Posts will be imported and the games will be appeared on your blog. Import of the game posts goes step-by-step, so you have to press Continue a several times, and set the amount of imported posts at a time.
    ZME - posts import
  9. All described actions done, you create on your blog the section like this:
  10. Zamango M.E. on sample blog
    Ready, the games are posted on your blog!

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