Alawar affiliate program: prepayment system and sales record

In the article about the Alawar affiliate program we have already noticed that Alawar Entertainment started a new prepayment system which allows partners to track almost online earned money and get it out before its real charging. Some results have been already summed up and answers to frequently asked questions are got. You can learn more about it from the partner program’s news tape after you have entered the Control panel.

The prepayment system is available only in the context of the Alawar Russian Program, and to sign it up, you should address to support service. As a matter of fact, this prepayment system is in testing stage. The other partner programs, for example, GameBoss, has given online earnings statistics for a long time ago. Eventually, Alawar decided to make a step forward. However, one cannot but notice expanded list of countries from which users can buy games. Not all Russian affiliate programs offer that possibility. We hope that the testing will be finished soon and the system will function correctly.

Once SMS is received, the system gives a key to a purchaser. All information about this sale is saved in database. Once per 30 minutes, all the sales realized during last half hour are added to the report. Once per 40 minutes, partner balance is replenished according to new selling data. Thus, during 40 minutes after selling, information about it will be represented in statistics and received money will hit your account.

Partner balance is replenished with different amount according to a country payment has come from. In the table you can see approximate amounts with fraud and exchange fluctuations in reserve. So, it is so-called ‘average profit’. For Russian market, income from one SMS makes on average more than $1,5 (45 rubles).


Commission from one game($)


Commission from one game($)

Russia 1.385 Georgia 0.56
Armenia 0.73 Israel 0.7
Austria 0.76 Kyrgyzstan 1.45
Azerbaijan 0.91 Kazakhstan 0.88
Belgium 0.42 Lithuania 1.05
Belarus 0.42 Latvia 0.95
Czechia 1.04 the Netherlands 0.35
Germany 1.63 Poland 0.748
Denmark 0.8 Tadjikistan 1.11
Estonia 0.98 Ukraine 1.00
Spain 0.436 Great Britain 1.59
France 0.86 Sweden 0.74

As it is “average profit”, it justifies appearance of the operation “Total correction for <a month>”. After it, your balance either increases or decreases. It depends on results of reconcilements with your payment operator. If you have more than you earned in fact, this difference makes separate transaction at the end of a month.

When the balance has been renewed, accrual money could be taken out of the system. In this case it is necessary to make an application for payment or to set its automatic forming.

Because of new prepayment system and connection of other counties, Alawar plans to change the reporting system. So we hope it will be realized on a high level.

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