Rate change in Reflexive affiliate program

Reflexive Entertainment decided to pay attention to the development of the affiliate program and to make some changes, one of which partners can “test” in the nearest future.

The first and the most important innovation concerns the calculation of payments to affiliates. Now partners receive 40 % of  so-called NetRevenues, i.e. of the total profit from games sales minus various expenses for transactions, hosting, etc. But since November, 1st, 2009 Reflexive partners will receive 35 % of the total profit (Gross Revenues) from games sales. The percentage rate was weakened, but, as Reflexive representatives stated, it was made in favor of partners, as aftertax earnings, instead of NetRevenue, reduced by various exemptions, would be basic. There is simple arithmetic:

Gross Revenues

Net Revenues

Affiliate Earnings






since 01.11.2009




These figures are approximate. If you have been participating in Reflexive affiliate program for some time already, you can replace them with your data and compare.

At first sight it seems that partners will be earning more, but whether it will be so or not the time will show.

Also Reflexive affiliate program promises to give more special offers (bundles and promotional items), for example, Double Play: Nanny Mania 2 and Babysitting Mania or Double Play: Jewel Quest 2 and 3, the partners’ commission from their selling will be higher, besides they are adequately purchased by users.

And the last update: Reflexive is going to sign a contract on cooperation with the major casual games publishers. So such bestsellers as Assassins Creed, Disciples, and the series of games about Nancy Drew will be added to the base, and it will help to attract more users to your website, to sell more games and to receive more money.

So all these innovations in Reflexive affiliate program are made to increase affiliates’ earnings, that is why if you haven’t joined this partner program yet and haven’t started to sell casual games, we recommend you to do this in the nearest future; and Zamango  Money Extractor plugin will considerably facilitate this process.

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